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Housecall was created and developed by Doctors Jason M. Lord and Brandon T. Chorney and host of other contributing vendors and advisors. The driving force behind the creation of Housecall was the overwhelming need to modernize and streamline the way healthcare practitioners of the twenty first century communicate and disseminate advice to their patients. In addition, Housecall was designed to completely revolutionize the way healthcare providers use the internet to professionally and ethically market their practices.

Housecall is part of a momentous revolution in the healthcare world. Innovation has created a steady stream of new technologies, products, communication tools, and services that are allowing our health care system to deliver a level of sophisticated care once thought of as unimaginable. While technology has changed the way many of us deliver healthcare. The business environment of healthcare has also been revolutionized. Search Engines like Google are the new arbitrators of winners and losers in area of new patient flow. Just a few short years ago the predominate way people obtained information about their health and made health care decisions was almost completely in the hands of the primary care medical provider. Now people share their experiences, make recommendations to “friends”, and announce their success by becoming “fans” through Social Media sites like Facebook long before the general practitioner may even know their patient had a problem! Further, the administrative challenges of managed care, relentless documentation demands by all third party payers, fierce competition, and shifting consumer trends have all combined to alter the healthcare business landscape dramatically.

The patients of the twenty first century access, learn, and share information in ways that were all but impossible just a few short years ago. They want information on demand when they are ready to use it. Today’s patients insist they are given information in a digital format that is convenient to for their fast paced lives and easily accessed from anywhere at any time. To be relevant in the lives of patients’ a doctor’s practice must be easy to find via search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing under a variety of key word searches and not just by the name of their specialty. In addition, people share information through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter at an astounding pace. Every healthcare practitioner must “plug in” to the community and as Twitter says “join the conversation”. They must be positioned in the minds of the social media community as an expert leader and the go to office for help with a varity of health related problems and conditions.

Today’s patients are truly “consumers of healthcare”. They have been conditioned by headline grabbing news stories; television dramas centered on medicine, and sophisticated advertising to expect a steady stream of new advances in health science. In addition, they expect that the latest “high tech” advances will be immediately at their doctor’s disposal. Today’s patients’ attitudes towards innovation are ones of openness and the belief that it offers potential to improve old systems and in turn their lives. These consumers have vested their trust in new technologies and have led a cultural change to where we are now less suspicious of its arrival.

Baby boomer patients control the vast majority of private wealth and resources in our society. They have demonstrated an overwhelming appetite for health care and well care services. Every marketplace study available indicates they will continue to do so for at least the next twenty years and they have the demographic numbers along with the resources to get and pay for what they demand.

Unlike the WWII generation which viewed their healthcare relationships more passively where the doctor provided care and the patient simply made the appointment and followed orders. Baby boomers are distinctly different than their parents. They are more educated, wealthier, and have access to instant medical information via the web. In addition, they view themselves and their doctors as partners in their care. Boomers ask for branded products by name, and demand that healthcare have the same qualities they look for in other services they purchase.

Today’s patients demand that all services they purchase especially health care services have at least six qualities:

  1. Accessible and convenient fitting into their supercharged pace of life
  2. Demonstrate measurable results both subjectively and functionally
  3. Involve choices that lead to customization of their treatment
  4. Allow for their direct participation in their care
  5. Come to their attention through a trusted source of referral
  6. Have the power of branding to assist them in their decision making
  7. Have the verification of third party reviews that they are indeed a trusted expert
  8. Branded as the local best solution for the key word search made

Housecall will partner with you and your practice and allow you to outsource the teaching and instructing of individually created active care plans and self management recommendations. By harnessing the power of the web and calling on your expertise, in seconds you will create a high quality multi-media video demonstration personalized to your patient’s condition, needs, stage of care and capacity. They will be able to view from multiple camera angles, with instruction, a custom built active care plan that you produce and control. By using our special log in technology, your patient’s will view only the instruction that you have chosen to compliment the in office care you provide. It will save your most valuable asset; your time. As you know, properly applied home care directly improves patient outcomes. Satisfied patients lead to more referrals, less need of external marketing, and in some cases higher rates of reimbursement.