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    Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly is Housecall?

A. Housecall is a subscription based service used by healthcare providers of a variety of disciplines to customize and “electronically script” patient education through the use of multi-media video. In addition, Housecall collects patient e-mail addresses and automatically drives patients into the social media following of their doctors. We provide all social media “blog” content to fully manage a doctor’s social media presence then steer the patient “clicks” in a way that supercharges the listing of the doctor’s practice on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Q. How does Housecall work?

A. Housecall uses high quality streaming web based video to demonstrate and communicate virtually every accepted active care procedure, nutritional education discussion, and lifestyle or wellness recommendation. Every time a patient is give a Housecall “script” by their doctor they are invited to connect with and follow the office on social media of their preference. Housecall builds each customer a custom blog site and loads a content library of articles about health conditions and symptoms. These articles get automatically posted to social media from the blog site without any work on the part of the doctor or office staff.

Q. How much does this cost, what does it include, and what are the terms or Housecall’s service?

A. Your sign up fee is $399.00 (non refundable) Monthly service cost is $299.00 per month. (There is no long term contract). This covers your initial blog site creation, opening of any social media accounts (if needed) integrating the blog into Housecall and linking everything to your existing web site. It also includes an initial SEO analysis of where your practice currently ranks and unlimited webinar training for you and your team to get oriented. Ongoing service fees include all monthly hosting changes for the blog site, written content articles for the blog, content licensing fees, ongoing SEO labor, unlimited access to the www.housecallrehab.com multi-media videos, unlimited ongoing webinar training and access to the online Chiropractic discount marketplace. See sign up page for full user agreement and terms of service.

Q. How do my patients get access to the videos they have been assigned?

A. A healthcare provider using the Housecall system provides the patient with a user name (which is the patient’s full e-mail address) and password to log onto Housecall at the address www.housecallpatient.com. Once a patient has logged on with their unique user name and password they have access to only the material their healthcare has chosen based on their assessment of their patient’s condition, stage of care, and capacity. The doctor can customize the patient delivery instructions by choosing for each patient the sets, reps frequency, time, and equipment they want the patient to follow and use.

Q. Can I tell if my patients are following my recommendations?

A. Yes you can. Housecall tracks whether your patients have logged in or not and which video they have watched, missed, and how many time they have watch each video. This is all displayed on the patient’s account screen under the heading “view this patient’s history and compliance.

Q. What do I do if an exercise I like to assign my patients is not in your media data base and how often to you add new content?

A. Help us help you and your patients. Any suggested exercise can be added. Simply e-mail your suggestion to suggestions@housecallrehab.com. Please include your name, office name if any, specialty, and a reference to where it can be found in a teaching text for documentation. We will add it during the next content update which is done every 6 - 12 months.

Q. Why do I need a “blog site” to market my practice through social media and improve my rank on search engines like Google? After all I already have a web site.

A. A blog is the most efficient way to deliver content instantly to every social media site that people use. Today people like to choose how they review information. Some love Facebook, others love Twitter. Older patients still prefer e-mail and more tech savvy patients like RSS feeds. Everyone likes to connect and receive information the way that is easiest for them. With a blog you post content one time (to the blog) and it in turn posts it to every social media outlet we connect your office to. In addition, it controls the flow of comments back from patients and manages them so that they do not post on your Facebook wall or some other public place without your authorization.

Further, without a blog site to channel your patient clicks properly from social media sites like Facebook, your patient “clicks” will not count toward how search engines like Google rank your practice’s web site. However, when Housecall channels your patient clicks (started by your patient on a local “ip address” at their home or office) and move them from social sites to a “local” content rich blog site, and then finally to your web site, we create the highest value “click sequence”. This sequence of your patient “clicks” acts like casting a vote. This “vote” tells Google that a local person thinks that your local web site should be ranked higher when someone searches on the key word terms highlighted and “tagged” in the blog content. Housecall makes the “tags” and labels on your web site congruent with the blog site, its content, and the “contextual links’ we create referencing your web site all over the internet. Think of it like a carefully orchestrated symphony when Housecall is the conductor building, leading, coordinating, and timing each piece for maximum impact on your practice’s Digital impression.